She is Erika Prosper-Nirenberg

She is Annabel Urias

She is Emma Faye Rudkin

She is Brianna Dimas

She is Michelle Martinez

She is Stephanie Love

She is Lidia Trejo-Ruiz

She is Jessica Flynn Saldana

She is Mara Florez

She is Cristina Bazaldúa

She is Martha Martinez

She is Ceci Lo

She is Ina Minjarez

She is Melody Rain

She is Zelda Perez-Morales

She is Victoria Moreno-Herrera

She is Sydney Blue

She is Sara Barrientes

She is Rachel Reyna

She is Nora Silva

She is Nayomi Esparza

She is Monica Santana-Garcia

She is Lorraine Pulido

She is Marina Gavito-Alderete

She is Melissa Cortez

She is Gracie Garcia

She is Melissa Menchaca

She is Melissa Sorola

She is Mia Flores

She is Christina Castano

She is Lizette Miller

She is Lea Santana

She is Laura Villareal

She is Mrs. Garcia

She is Karla Duran

She is Justine Cadena

She is Cindy Nieto

She is Debra Guerrero

She is Audrey Dominguez

She is Dora Trinidad Campos

She is Brook Singh

She is Ademola Elliot

She is Alejandra Herrera

She is Andi Rodriguez

She is Carolina Herrera

She is Alese Underwood Havens

She is Brianna Clemons

She is Rosie Lopez

She is Jennifer Rodriguez

She is Olivia Garcia

She is Elisha Delgado

She is Nina Esparza

Captured by Laura Rangel

"She is" campaign was captured by Laura Rangel


Our team will release four waves of the She Is Campaign.

The “She is” campaign will highlight 300 EXTRAORDINARY women in San Antonio. Significant U will feature women from all walks of life that fully embrace the privilege to lead with dignity, strength, and confidence.

In San Antonio these are the characteristics of a woman, acting as a first lady, where she is positioned.

Women featured are women who use their voices to change the conversation for good.


She is Dora Trinidad Campos