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Someday Is Today

Welcome to my blog!

Before I begin, thanks for loving me enough to come and check out what I am up to!

To be completely honest, I have had the desire to create a space for invigorating and intricate conversations for so long. I wanted to create a space where people could have meaningful, growing, and trying conversations led with vulnerability, courage, and intention. 

Hoping and trusting that this space will be just that.

I feel led to call this space “Expressions.” This word holds so much depth and purpose. It is defined as “the process of making known one's thoughts or feelings, a look on someone's face that conveys a particular emotion, a word or phrase, especially an idiomatic one, used to convey an idea”, and my favorite definition of the word: “the production of something, especially by pressing or squeezing it out and the appearance in a phenotype of a characteristic or effect attributed to a particular gene.”

I wish I could go hard into how much revelation has come from exploring this word, but for today I have to hold back. 

What I really want to share with you is why now? There are so many reasons why I feel called to this, but these are the tangible ways that I can share.  

For starters, watching DACA come under attack reminded me of one of the first times I learned the power of my expressions. In my early twenties, my friends who I grew up with helped me realize that I was able to help defend their place in this country. This is the only country they have ever known, but our country does not treat them as their own. Their greatest hope was to graduate from college, get a good job, own a home, and fight for the American Dream that we had naively been convinced was still obtainable. 

In that same season of my life, a random sweet girl talked to me at Starbucks and was brave enough to talk to me about Jesus. This taught me that I was loved, that I was valuable, and that I had great purpose. There, in that Starbucks, I experienced the power in others’ expressions.

Most recently, I faced a circumstance that deemed my expression unwelcome, unworthy, and unnecessary. Having endured many of these moments in my life, I always found the courage to express myself. But this time, I allowed myself to be silenced. If you have ever felt this way, you know the incredible vigor that is ignited within your soul when your expressions are silenced or ignored. Those emotions have encouraged me to be introspective regarding the ways that I have silenced myself.  

I realized that I have never fully given myself permission to believe that my expression fully matters, which is insane for me to realize because I literally champion that in young women every day of my life. 

I think I held myself back because I don’t fit into any of the boxes that people try to fit me into, nor do I check off every item on the list of what people expect me to be. I myself have often been guilty of succumbing to those false, unrealistic expectations, but I am choosing myself over those lies because I was never created to live in them.   

Somedays I so confidently celebrate that I am an Eight on the Enneagram, along with my passion for meaningful conversation. However, there are days that it feels like a curse. but I am done living in my feelings rather than in my purpose. 

So here I am, building my little space, putting pen to paper, trusting my heart and my imperfect voice to express myself and create what I feel called to. I am honored by those of you who will join me in this space. 

Expressions is a podcast but because I love all my deaf and hard 

of hearing friends I decided to make it a blog as well.  

Expressions will feature places, people, food, and books that I love and challenge me. 

Expressions will connect us through true life stories that will unite us all and uplift causes, topics, and voices that need to be heard and supported. 

I will do this as authentically as I can while being my flavorful-self, and capturing it all through Polaroid. 

(that will make most sense once you listen in.)

Creating this space is trusting my imperfect voice to foster vulnerability, connection, and exploration and I trust that inviting you into this space will be a reflection of who I am when I invite people into my life.

Much Love, 

Carmen Lidia

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